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A bitters aimed to reconnect people to Scotland’s nature and native botanical flavours

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Highland Boundary captures the unique flavours of the Scottish wilderness and distils them into an innovative range of botanical spirits and liqueurs. In early 2023 they launched a botanical aromatic bitters crafted from 20 hand-picked, sustainably harvested wild Scottish botanicals.

Highland Boundary introduced the Scottish Bitters not only as a means of reconnecting people to Scotland’s nature but also in support of Scotland’s Net Zero target. By offering an alternative to imported, high-carbon footprint tropical options, they are actively contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Scottish Bitters
Scottish Bitters
Project Brief

Hickman Design undertook the challenge of crafting packaging that embodies the distinctiveness of Highland Boundary’s unique Wild Scottish Bitters, the world’s first of its kind. The design would not only highlight the Scottish botanicals within the product but also align with a broader mission — fostering a reconnection between people and the nature of Scotland.

The Approach

A label design was developed which would communicate the environmental benefits and values of the product to the consumer. Achieved through clear and concise messaging, whilst visually representing through illustration the sustainably harvested wild Scottish botanicals within the product. The label design works to attract, educate, and empower consumers to make sustainable choices. Conscious decisions were made in the selection of eco-friendly materials, from sustainable paper to recyclable glass and plastic free.

“We work with Kirsty of Hickman Design on several design projects. Kirsty is a highly talented designer, capable of working on varied briefs and steering clients brilliantly through a process. Kirsty’s approach gives both space and structure for creativity, produces top quality deliverables and works to really well managed timescales and budgets. I highly recommend Hickman Design!”

Simon Montador, Highland Boundary Director
A Humble Contribution

Hickman Design are proud to collaborate with clients such as Highland Boundary who are striving to make a positive difference for the benefit of the planet, and to contribute to their mission through the power of design.

Indigo Awards Winner - Gold - Packaging for Social Change

Indigo Awards Winner 2024 – Gold – Packaging Design for Social Change

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